Invisalign Clear Braces London

Millions of people have turned to clear braces to achieve their ideal smile. The innovation of invisible orthodontics has provided new options for patients who want to enhance their smile without compromise and feeling self conscious by wearing fixed metal braces. Clear aligners are considered to be socially acceptable and enable patients to still enjoy all their favourite meals and drinks all the way through treatment.

For adults who did not have braces when they were younger, Invisalign has provided the freedom to straighten their teeth without all the hassle fixed metalwork. Age is not a restriction and millions of adults across the world have now completed their clear braces treatment. Patients having the treatment report high levels of satisfaction – right through their treatment, and with their stunning new smile.

Some dentists assert that better results can be achieved with clear braces than traditional braces.

Clear aligners can be used to treat a broad range of orthodontic issues which can be treated using traditional metal braces, the difference is that aligners are fully removable and virtually invisible.

Different systems have been developed to treat a range of needs:

Invisalign Full – the original Invisalign treatment, and most frequently used option. Full can treat a wide range of concerns. Treatment duration is an average of 12 – 18 months with an average number of trays of 20-30.

Invisalign i7 – is used for small adjustments. i7 consists of 7 sets of aligners and treatment duration can be as short as 3 months.

Invisalign Teen – designed for teenagers and based on Full. Teen includes wear indicators to encourage adequate wear time in addition to a design which allows for adult teeth to come erupt.

Invisalign Lite – Lite fits between i7 and Full and is designed for moderate cases with a treatment duration of around 7 months.

The range of problems treated with clear braces can include:

Crowded Teeth: if there isn’t enough space on the upper or lower or both jaws, teeth will be crowded together at different angles. Crowded teeth can lead to problems including uneven wear, staining and gum disease. This is because crowded teeth are hard to clean as some surfaces will not be reached by brushing alone.

Gaps: gaps between teeth can appear if some teeth are missing or if jaws have continued to grow.

Cross bite: This is a common concern and is where the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth. This can lead to uneven wear and gum disease.

Over bite: When the upper teeth reach further than or past the lower teeth. This can lead to jaw pain and other conditions.

Under bite: The reverse of an over bite, where the lower teeth reach past the upper teeth. This can lead to jaw pain and other conditions.

Treatment can be for upper and lower jaws combined or upper or lower jaws only depending on individual requirements.

What benefits do clear braces provide?

As well as achieving a great smile, clear braces offer many benefits. The braces are made of clear plastic and are fully removable. Trays are smooth and comfortable to wear, and there is no discomfort or soreness. Additionally, as orthodontic forces are gentle there is no sudden adjustment which causes pain unlike traditional metal braces.

You can smile during your treatment and look forward to a stunning smile. You’ll feel confident all the way through your treatment as there is no metal to make you feel self conscious. Actually you can choose if you want to tell people you are wearing clear braces. Many patients report that no one actually noticed their clear braces at all.

Your smile assessment

Your first step is to contact us for your consultation, using a digital simulation you’ll be able to preview your new smile. We will discuss your needs and can answer any questions you may have.

Our dentist will take imaging with our i-Tero scanner, and your treatment plan will be prepared. The imaging will provide 3D images of your upper and lower jaws. This will allow us to move teeth that require re-alignment digitally, and view your smile from different angles.

After your consultation, if you decide to go start treatment, your custom trays will be ordered, made and sent to our clinic. The treatment duration and number of aligners needed will depend on your requirements. The average number of trays needed is between 20 and 30 per arch.

Your first treatment appointment

Patients are amazed at their first appointment when they see just how invisible the trays actually are. Patients quickly get used to the routine of wearing clear braces, and this is an easy process thanks to all the lifestyle advantages provided. Patients must wear their aligners all the time, only removing them to eat and drink, the minimum wear time is 22 hours per day. Aligners can be worn when drinking cold water, but need to be taken out when drinking any other beverage. This is because aligners are delicate and are not intended to be worn when biting, chewing, eating or drinking.

Treatment plans show how often to change up to the next aligner in the sequence, which is around every 14 days. It’s very motivating to see progress week by week and photos can be uploaded via the app. Patients can’t reduce their daily wear time by extending the length of their treatment, as this will lead to different less effective results. Treatment plans must be followed for the best results.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Minor adjustments can start from £1,500 with the i7 system, moderate adjustments start from £2,000 with Lite. More complex adjustments are from £4,000 with Full and Teen. Payment plans including monthly payment options are available. Dental and health insurance cover can also be used towards costs. Contact us for your free consultation and quote.

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