AmeriPlan Dental® Programs

You may have heard about a company in Plano, Texas named Ameriplan Dental. They have been helping patients save money on their family’s essential and emergency dental, as well as other health care needs for over twenty years. The healthcare world is changing as everyone is well aware. At a time when the cost of healthcare is getting higher, we are part of the answer for so many Americans who are now searching for low cost answers. Some plans include orthodontic and clear braces cover which includes Invisalign.

There are authorized representatives for Ameriplan USA, who can help you choose the most suitable plan for your needs. Ameriplan was created in the early 1990’s when Founders Dennis Bloom and Daniel Bloom contracted 30 dentists around Dallas, Texas to provide dental services at discount prices to Dallas residents. Since that time AmeriplanUSA has grown nationwide and added Ameriplan Healthcare as a choice to our valued members.

AmeriPlan Dental® Plus

Individual cover and full cover for everyone in your Household. Over the years our team has been able to find hundreds of dentists and other health care providers and specialists across the nation that are willing to SAVE you 50% to 80% on normally expensive dental procedures! Really! The reasons they are willing and able to offer discount dental services are really quite simple to understand. Patients that have their needs met at prices they can afford, are happy, and they tell others.

NEW AmeriPlan Med Plus

With Ameriplan Med Plus or Ameriplan Medical you can consult with a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment including a prescription if necessary, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone or email! No more evenings waiting at the hospital emergency room with the kids, to find out all you needed was a Doctor’s prescription.

AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus

Individual cover or cover for the entire Household Eight years ago, as a result of the success of Ameriplan Dental Plus, Dennis Bloom and Daniel Bloom saw the need to bring  affordable health care to consumers. This plan WILL save you large amounts by combining both the Dental Plus and Med Plus programs doctor visits, hospital stays, and more.

AmeriPlan® Members should contact AmeriPlan® Member Services at 1-800-647-8421 or