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AmeriPlan Dental TestimonialsIn Sept 2012 my 22 year old son was involved in a bicycle accident. Besides breaking his arm in two places, he had extensive damage to his teeth. He had to get three crowns and two root canals to the teeth that were were damaged. Having AmeriPlan Dental helped us save over $2,000. He is planning on getting braces with a recommended Orthodontist Specialist nearby and will save 25% on braces because he has AmeriPlan.
Bill S, Edmonds Wa

I had a bad molar which left me in EXCRUCIATING pain….with AmeriPlan® I was able to make an emergency trip (at 9 PM) to my local dentist, at which time he took X-rays, informed me that the molar was indeed beyond saving, and extracted it almost immediately…. With my plan, I was able to save literally hundreds of dollars in dental bills. THANK YOU, AmeriPlan,for being there for me!
Rick M. Hasbrouck Heights, NJ


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I took our daughter to our orthodontist today.Their price for her braces is $4300.00. With my Ameriplan® discount, they took off $1,075.00! We now pay $3,225.00. I wouldn’t call $1075.00 pocket change!
Marjorie B.