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Dental Plus

Affordable Dental Care

AmeriPlan Dental Plus

Dental Plus$24.95  PER MONTH for one person or the entire household.
Why is AmeriPlan® better than traditional dental insurance? Because AmeriPlan® is not insurance there are:

  • NO LIMIT ON VISITS OR SERVICES. You can go to the dentist as often as you like and get whatever services you need.
  • ALL ONGOING DENTAL PROBLEMS ARE ACCEPTED except orthodontic treatment in progress, even if you have had a dental problem for a long time.
  • IMMEDIATE SAVINGS. You know exactly how much you must pay from your own pocket each time you see a dentist.
  • NO AGE LIMIT on the Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic Care.
  • NO PAPERWORK and no insurance companies to deal with.
  • NO WAITING PERIOD. You can go to the dentist the SAME DAY that you receive your membership package and benefits cards.
  • ORTHODONTICS (braces) INCLUDED for both children and adults.*
  • COSMETIC DENTISTRY INCLUDED, such as bleaching or aesthetic bonded finishes in selected markets.
  • ALL SPECIALISTS INCLUDED: Periodontists,Endodontists, Pedodontists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists and Prosthodontists (20 – 25% reduction on usual & customary fees where available).
  • YOU CAN CHANGE DENTISTS whenever you want, without having to notify anyone.
  • ADDED BENEFITS Vision Care, Prescription, Hearing and Chiropractic Care are included with the dental plan.
  • ADDITIONAL SAVINGS with the AmeriPlan Cash Back Saver program.

* Invisalign Braces may not be included.


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Dental Plus Testimonials

I went to the dentist this week for an exam, x-rays and a cleaning. Total bill was $377 but with my AmeriPlan benefits, I only paid $35.80! Kristie D.

My mother saved a total of $800 with her dentures at aspen dental, Thank you AmeriPlan. Debbie H.

“I saved money on complete dental treatment for my mother by using AmeriPlan discount benefits thanks to smart practices like Great Oak Dental in Arlington, TX… We received quote for 2,100.00 and paid $1471.00 total savings $629.00”. Christina P.

I was so excited to save money on my son’s braces. My in network Orthodontist was able to coordinate with my Cigna which gave me $1000, and AmeriPlan was able to add an additional $1300 for a grand total of $2300 off of my $4500 braces expenses! YEAH! Laurie K.