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Ameriplan Dental Plus

Dental Plus 

Ameriplan Dental Plan

Ameriplan Dental Plus

$24.95  per MONTH for the Individual or your entire Household.

Also includes Vision care, Prescriptions, and Chiropractic Care!

If this is the first time you have looked for affordable Dental plans, don’t underestimate your ability to save BIG DOLLARS with Ameriplan Dental! Low cost dental plans through Ameriplan USA have been helping Americans save money for over twenty two years!

More than a dental discount plan, Ameriplan gives you features that insurance companies, can not or will not.

Allan Grogan- Kentucky, says: “I was amazed to have saved Three Thousand dollars ($3,000.00) the first time I used Ameriplan Dental Plus! The bulk of the savings was for four porcelain crowns. It felt as if I had gotten three crowns for the price of one! With a wisdom tooth extraction, three fillings, and a teeth cleaning, the bill should have been over $5,600.00. With an insurance deductible, who knows? With Ameriplan Dental Plus, I got it done for $2,600.00! I have been amazed by how well a discount dental plan could work and how large the discounts have been.”

Aside from that, whether an individual, or a household plan, one whole years membership is less than half of most insurance deductibles. (let alone monthly premiums, neither of which Ameriplan Dental requires). With seamless ease dental benefits can be available to YOU and your household, as well.

Check out the following features:

—Sample General Dentist Procedures and Dental Testimonials are located at the bottom of the page—

•    Your investment is $24.95/month for the Individual or Household (this includes EVERYONE in the household, related or not)!

•    We ACCEPT all prior dental conditions!  Ongoing Orthodontic treatment or braces is the only exception.

•    Many dental insurance plans have waiting periods of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and some up to a YEAR? You can use your affordable Dental Care Plan TODAY! There is no waiting period! All you need is your Ameriplan Dental Plan membership number.

•     Also there is NO LIMIT on how much you can save in a one year time frame. Many traditional dental insurance plans limit your savings to $1000, $1,200, or $1,500 per year. Again there is NO LIMIT on services with Ameriplan Dental Plus!

•    Save 50 to 80% on the common dental procedures including root canals and porcelain crowns. Root canals retail at a $1,000 and porcelain crowns are upwards of $1,500. With this remarkable insurance alternative you will get these done and save up 60% on these procedures.

If a Specialist is needed, you still save 20 to 25% on the procedures! Specialists such as Orthodontists (dental braces), Oral Surgeons, Endodontists (Root Canal specialist), Periodontists (Children specialist), and Prosthodontists (Denture and Bridge specialists) have joined the ranks of dental care providers with Ameriplan Dental Plus.

•    You can change your dentist at any time.

    Cosmetic Dentistry is available in some areas.

There are two approaches to getting braces that will save you in a range of 20 to 25% by an Orthodontist or 63% if done by a General Dentist.

       The provider list will give you ideas on how much you want to save on your braces and who will provide the best service and availability.

Note:  Invisalign braces may not be available.

Or give me a call for more details at 1-888-723-0493.

   •    Invisalign braces may not be available.

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•    You can view the detailed pdf concerning the dental procedures by first going to the Ameriplan Dental Care provider search link here:

At the link, choose a category of provider, such as Dentist. Then enter your zip code, to search for providers by distance. Next click on Find Providers and scroll down.

  1. At the far right of the provider list you will see a “colored” fee schedule for a General Dentist. If you click on the color fee schedule, another window will reveal your savings on about a dozen of the most common dental procedures.
  1. Next enter the fee color at the Google search (ex: Red Fee Schedule). The first choice would be :  ex: New Ameriplan Red Fee Schedule, click on it. That will bring up an extensive list of procedures with the ADA Dental Codes and what you would pay as a member of Ameriplan Dental.
  1. Again, There is NO WAITING period! Save in a BIG way today! Don’t settle for insurance sign-up time, waiting period and appointment schedules.  If you are in pain, you can deal with it Today!
  1. Get an Ameriplan Dental Plus member number and use it NOW, call 1-888-723-0493! The application can be done by telephone and be accomplished in five minutes. After finishing it, you will get an eight digit plan number. With that number you can take it with you to your chosen Ameriplan dentist and start saving immediately.

Approximately two weeks later, you will receive a packet with your ID cards and a manual in order to maximize your dental, vision, prescription, and chiropractic care savings and services!

Finally, for those of you that are skeptical;  Give me a call.   1-888-723-0493. As another kind of product commercial says, “I don’t just sell it, I’m a member to!”   I’ll be happy to answer any question that I can or get answers for you.

This outstanding company that has operated for over twenty six years has saved money for me and thousands of others as well.

I have people calling me daily needing emergency dental work. Together we get their dental benefits provided, many times for half or more off retail rates!   But more importantly, they are relieved of some serious pain!

There are many of us that have really benefited through the use of our Ameriplan Dental Plans.         After so many years of great results, is it any wonder that I am extremely proud to offer this dental benefit to others?

So, you have a choice:

Pay full price for your needed dental procedures + pay premiums + co-pays, and hope that you can see a provider in time.


Pay a lot less and have the problem taken care of NOW?

Ameriplan Dental is not insurance, but a dental discount plan.

Because of that, it is not restricted in many of the ways insurance is!

Remember, our household plan is just that.  It covers not just your family but your whole household!

                                            Bottom line, join Ameriplan, Pay LESS than FULL PRICE!

Additional Testimonials located at the bottom section of the page.


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Ameriplan Dental Plus also includes Vision care, Prescriptions, and  Chiropractic Care! For the details on these services click on the blue link to each one!

Sample General Dentist Procedures

Office Fees
Up to
Savings up to
Initial Oral Exam
(first time)
$130 $35 73%
Periodic Oral Exam
$ 68 $15 77%
X-RAYS $153 $52 66%
Intraoral Complete Series
CLEANINGRegular Teeth Cleaning   (light scaling & polishing)      $123 $48 60%
1 Surface
(Silver Colored)
$182 $45 75%
Composite Fillling
1 Surface
(Tooth Colored)
$209 $70 67%
ROOT CANAL(excluding final restoration)Anterior $933 $375
PORCELAIN CROWNwith High Noble Metal $1,475 $575 61%
ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT(braces by a General Dentist)
Child (under age 18) $6,205 $2,250 64%
Adult (age 19 and over) $6,518 $2,400 63%

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Dental Testimonials:
Carol E. – Redford, MI July 30th
WOW! AmeriPlan really delivers on the promise. I had a toothache that was an emergency situation to see a dentist the same day with no waiting period. I enrolled, wrote down my id number, called the dentist’s office and went right in. Received all this information in less than 5 minutes and this was my first time using the dental plan. I received an exam, xray, diagnosis and a prescription and only paid $37! Later I became an IBO.I love AmeriPlan!

Tamika M. – Aurora, CO July 16th
I took my children to the dentist using my AmeriPlan card for the first time. I have four children to take to the dentist, so that can become quite expensive. This was their first visit so they had x-rays, flouride, a filling and cleanings done. I am so greatful to AmeriPlan for offering these services at very affordable prices and truly getting great discounts. Thanks AmeriPlan.

Shalisha M. – Woodland, CA June 16th
I recently had to have a root canal and crown on one tooth. The total cost would have been $2400. With AmeriPlan, I only paid $1,300. That is a $1,100 savings and the dentist office let me make payments on that amount. Wow, I never would have been able to save my tooth if it wasn’t for AmeriPlan!

Brenda F. – Fair Oaks, CA June 13th
My daughter and I love Ameriplan and their fantastic Dental Plan. I literally saved over $3000 thousand and my daughter saved about the same. We both had cosmetic work done that my traditional insurance would not pay for. My daughter got the top of the line crowns with inlaid gold and they were $1500 EACH. We paid only $750 EACH. My dental work was more invasive but I did save 80% on some things like the office visits for $10 and the $3 dollar x-rays. My dental partial was $1998 and I paid $850. Plus, they even paid for the anesthesia to have a molar removed. AmeriPlan is a true-blue American company.

Marjorie B. – The Woodlands, TX June 13th
I took my daughter to get her new braces on to the same orthodontist I had previously taken my other two children. This time, because of AmeriPlan, they took 25% off and my bill went from $4,980 to $3,735. That’s a savings of $1,245!

Tiffany R. – Fort Worth, TX 06/13
I was suffering with a toothache. I was seen within two days of calling the dentist and saved $167.00 on my visit. It is wonderful to get quality care at a great price. With two seniors in high school and prom around the corner, I really appreciate the savings. Thanks AmeriPlan!!!

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