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AmeriPlan Dental® Programs


Huge savings with Ameriplan Dental Plus

You may have heard about a company in Plano, Texas named Ameriplan Dental at 1-888-723-0493. They have been helping Americans save money on their family’s essential and emergency dental, as well as other health care needs for over twenty six years so far! The healthcare world is changing as everyone is well aware. At a time when the cost of healthcare is getting higher, we are part of the answer for so many Americans who are now searching for low cost answers.

We are authorized representatives for Ameriplan USA, and would like to show you how to pay less for these needed services! Ameriplan was created in the early 1990’s when Founders Dennis Bloom and Daniel Bloom contracted 30 dentists around Dallas, Texas to provide dental services at discount prices to Dallas residents. Since that time AmeriplanUSA has grown nationwide and added Ameriplan Deluxe Plus as a choice to our valued members.

AmeriPlan Dental® Plus

Dental Plus$24.95  for the Individual or for everyone in your  Household. Over the years our team has been able to find hundreds of dentists and other health care providers and specialists across the nation that are willing to SAVE you 50% to 80% on normally expensive dental procedures! Really! The reasons they are willing and able to offer discount dental services are really quite simple to understand. – Patients that have their needs met at prices they can afford, are happy, and they tell others.


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AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus

Deluxe PlusOnly $39.95 for the Individual or the entire Household!   Eight years ago, as a result of the success of Ameriplan Dental Plus, Dennis Bloom and Daniel Bloom saw the need to bring  affordable health care to America. This plan WILL save you large amounts by combining both the Dental Plus and Med Plus programs doctor visits, hospital stays, and more.

AmeriPlan Testimonials

Sandy B, in Oregon, went to the hospital for four days with one form of pneumonia. Two months later, she went back again to the hospital for five days with a different form of pneumonia. The nine days amounted to $15,600. However, her Hospital Advocate Team negotiated her bill down to $1,400. She got a 90% discount on her hospital bill!

This team has averaged getting over a 80% discount for Ameriplan  members in the last nine years! The Hospital Advocate Team negotiates amazing reductions in costs for Ameriplan  members.

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AmeriPlan® IBO Program


Join Ameriplan and reap the Benefits of owning your own Destiny!

Since the beginning, Ameriplan has enrolled individuals wanting to be Independent Business Owners or Ameriplan IBO’s. These Independent Business Owners build their business through word-of-mouth, local, and Internet marketing nationwide. Ameriplan IBO’s also understand the advantages of building an income that they own! Let’s face it – In today’s economy the only way to get ahead is to work for yourself to some degree.

We have a large network of online training that anyone can access 24 hours a day seven days a week! Ameriplan also provides conference calls throughout the week for training and recruiting. Ameriplan has a comprehensive IBO support back office that keeps you current concerning your business. It is also a great resource for training and inputting applications online.

Although there are many licensed insurance agents working with Ameriplan, an insurance license and expensive training is not required. Again we are not considered insurance. We are not limited to our home state and can do this nationwide! We are always looking for ambitious people with the desire to work hard to assure lasting successful results.

It matters not what you look like, but what you are willing to do with a proven system based on 22 years of experience. Work for yourself while helping others, and do the things other people may only get to dream about! Make what you’re worth, not what someone thinks you’re worth! Contact us for further details?   1-888-723-0493     Ask for Bill       
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